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Everfit Technology's progressing cavity (PC) pump part meets Japan world class standards with 100% precision

100% precision vacuum component – roundness, core quality, height tested

Progressing cavity pumps for acidic and hard to transfer materials

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Your trusted PC pump supplier - Everfit Technology (EFT)

After two years and a long period of tests and trials, Everfit Technology CO., LTD. (EFT)'s mass production of progressing cavity pump parts was tested with zero flaws and 100% precision, which allowed them to become the only overseas supplier of this world-leading pc pump company from Japan. As for Everfit Technology, working with such a high standard client not only pushed them to upgrade their valve and vacuum component technology, but also encouraged RD engineering team to come up with innovative gauges and solution-solving capability.

The Japanese client manufactures progressing cavity pumps for environmental management systems, which are used for high viscosity, semi-solid and mixed materials that could be acidic and hard to transfer. The PC pump requires high viscosity tolerance and erosion-free flow, thus, 316 stainless steel is necessary. In addition, skillful valve and vacuum component technology is critical in order to fit other PC parts when conducting assembly and this is why their requirements are strict.

PC pump part design for a progressing cavity pump supply company from Japan

PC pump part design for a progressing cavity pump supply company from Japan

Everfit Technology overcomes difficulties with innovative gauge and seasoned experience

  • Roundness testers for PC pump's diameter inspection
  • Roundness testers for PC pump's diameter inspection
  • Roundness testers for PC pump's diameter inspection
  • Roundness testers for PC pump's diameter inspection

Roundness testers for PC pump's diameter inspection

There were times when things didn't go well with the manufacturing of pc pump parts. One time, the size of a part changed three days later, right before shipping. "We were shocked. How did that happen?" Was it because of the heat treatment or the milling process?" EFT's engineer recalled. After repeated testing, internal and external milling, and self-designed gauge testing, it worked! The shape stayed the same, firmly, even several days later.

For 316 stainless steel tube forging, EFT encountered difficulties in meeting the right size. With the client’s helpful advice, Everfit Technology was able to try out various methods and eventually achieved the size they wanted.

PC pump rigorous inspection from World-Class Japanese company

To the client, the goal was to assist Everfit Technology to produce 100% accurate mass production pc pump parts, in the form of specifications, material qualities, process procedures and inspection results. Thus, Japanese engineers and inspectors came to Taiwan numerous times, even the CEO of the company, which showed their endorsement of Everfit Technology's progressive cavity pump technology.

leak and pressure test for vacuum component

Leak and pressure test for vacuum component

To inspect, the Japanese client cut the pc pump tube in half to check out its longitudinal and internal welding quality. The tube should have low sulfur content and meet ASTM international standards. Height gauge was used to measure its core quantity; a set of roundness testers were applied to test the inside diameter; a gauge was utilized to test its shape and casing wear test was operated.

Everfit Technology's engineering team's great flexibility and seasoned valve and vacuum component experience allowed them to develop various jigs in order to test each pc pump’s size. Meanwhile, the jigs to avoid the influence of heat treatment and machining were developed. Overall, the pc pump was made with no cracks, no pin-holes, and 100% smoothness of 316 tubes with exact size.

"One time, our product was rejected for impurity 316 stainless steel after the client did a metallurgical analysis; since then our material inspection is required with tougher rules. It's a learning experience for us," said Sunny Huang, the sales manager of Everfit Technology.

Roundness testers for PC pump's diameter inspection

Roundness testers for PC pump's diameter inspection

Everfit Technology - Your Trusted PC Pump Supplier

From the internal welding quality, the speed of a knife spin, heat treatment, machining, tooling and finishing, each step was watched closely by the client. The Japanese engineer suggested their manufacturing methods and Everfit Technology's RD team input their knowledge to make pc pump part meet all the requirements.

Recently, Everfit Technology has been receiving various shapes of pc pump parts from the client, which has been challenging in many ways, regardless of mold making, gauge designing, machining, and testing, etc. However, Everfit Technology was able to tackle the dilemmas and strive for the best results.

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