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Germany, Japan, England imported valve actuator components

Cleanroom (class 10,000) system. certified valve actuator

Pass 2,000,000 times of valve actuator spring tensile test


Bearable valve actuator for your butterfly valves

actuator with control box plus butterfly valve

Actuator with control box + butterfly valve

EFT's high quality spring valve actuator can withstand a harsh test conducted by a French company. The test lasted three months!When the French company received the valve actuator samples, they spent three months to test the springs 2,000,000 times. The French company is also a stainless steel valve, pipe fitting and processing equipment supplier in France, why do they need EFT to fabricate spring valve actuators for them? It is because the French company knows that EFT has the capability to achieve their specific manufacturing process requests, and EFT's complete production line with a newly built cleanroom (class 10,000) is also an advantage.

Why is valve actuator's spring important?

Valve Actuator is commonly used as a mechanism to output force and stroke, and the ability is different based on different factors, including the diameter and the pitch of the spring or the dimension of the cross, section of the spring wire, etc. EFT's spring valve actuator provides excellent control of the valve position and speed during valve opening and closing events.

Germany and Japan imported valve actuator components

For a valve actuator, normally there are more than twenty components, and the spring is one of them. Their insistence on supplying valve actuators encouraged EFT to buy springs from Germany and Japan with test reports provided.

French Company Valve Actuator Manufacturing System Applied

For valve actuator's production process, the French company recommended alternative methods. Even though the extra work processes added to the cost, EFT treated it as a learning opportunity. By adapting their fabrication system, EFT delivers state-of-the-art valve actuators. As a result, due to the high quality of valve actuators, EFT now is selling to various countries worldwide.

S1 Actuator

S1 Actuator
Air/Spring Actuator simple or double effect for Ø25(1") to Ø76(3") butterfly valve
Shut-off time 1.5 seconds
Weight 3.7kg
Power 4M/Kg at 5 bar compessed air.
Max. torque Max. torque 20N/m
Consumption 0.266 liter at 5 bar
Material Stainless steel AISI 304
S3 actuator
    S3 Actuator
  1. Plastic cover
  2. Inox cylinder
  3. Pistion
  4. Pision X-ring
  5. Coupling axle piece
  6. Compresson spring
  7. Lower cylinder end
  8. Lower cylinder O-ring
  9. Mounting C type spring
  10. Teflon contact seal
  11. SS304 ring
  12. Circlip
  13. Mounting bracket
  14. Plastic positioning ring
  15. M6*30 stainless steel screw
  16. M6 stainless steel nylon nut
  17. M8*16 stainless steel screw
  18. Air outlet filter
  19. Pistion axle O-ring
  20. Air connection
  21. Pistion stem O-ring
  22. Pistion Stem
  23. Stem plastic cover
Air/Spring Actuator Simple or Double Effect for Ø25(1") to Ø76(3") Butterfly Valve
Shut-off time 1.5 seconds
Weight 3.7kg
Power 4M/Kg at 5 bar compessed air.
Max. torque Max. torque 20N/m
Consumption 0.266 liter at 5 bar
Material Stainless steel AISI 304
Cover Plastic
EFT choices the best suppliers for your valves and vacuum components
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Walsin Lihwa Corp. is a leading manufacturer of bare copper wire, wire and cable, and specialty steel in the Greater China region, and has also successfully expanded into the high-tech industry and become an international enterprise with green energy, photovoltaics, real estate, and trade operations.

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Gloria Material Technology Corporation (GMTC) is the first specialty steel manufacturer in Taiwan to engage in the manufacture of special alloy materials.

Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd. logo

Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd. is the only domestic manufacturer specializing in special steel that has tube plants, manufacturing bearing steel, engineering steel, and stainless steel, as well as superalloy tubes and other seamless steel tubes/pipes.

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POSCO became the top of the world steel industry in 1998. The year 1999 was witness to a total revamping of the Company's overall processes in procurement, production, and sales, and the construction of an integrated digital system.

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FROCH ENTERPRISE (FROCH) is established in 1984, FROCH has been working relentlessly in making quality stainless steel pipes, tubes, sheets, and coils, and is a specialized manufacturer for stainless steel tube and pipe.


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